The Importance Of Septic Tank Maintenance

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Why Dumpster Diving Is A Bad Idea And How You Can Prevent It

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You might think the interior of a dumpster is the last place someone might want to be, but the act of “dumpster diving” is not unusual. Persons not employed or affiliated with a company often search through the garbage; they are hoping to find objects of value–financial, practical or sentimental–and digging through trash doesn’t hinder their quest. Unfortunately, the habit of dumpster diving can cause serious problems. Below are a few reasons why you don’t want to permit dumpster diving in your company’s garbage and how you can deter this activity from occurring: Read More»

The Basics Of Outfitting Your Storage Facility With Custom Metal Fixtures

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When you run a small business that requires you to store a large amount of supplies and merchandise in a warehouse or other type of storage facility, it is imperative that you have the right type of containers and shelves to house your possessions. If space is tight and you need storage components that can withstand harsh conditions, you should invest in custom metal fixtures. The following guide provides you with a primer on how to incorporate custom metal storage in your facility. Read More»

Where to Find Scrap Metal for Recycling

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Recycling scrap metal can be a great way to earn a few extra dollars and help the environment. Here’s a helpful guide to finding scrap metal that you can sell to your local recycling plant to earn a little, or a lot, of spare cash. Look in the kitchen If you don’t already separate and save your aluminum and tin cans for recycling, you really should start. Not only does it keep these space-hogs out of the landfill, it can also put some weight in your wallet. Read More»

New To The Mineral Processing Trade? Learn Why Ceramic Is The Material Of Choice For Mineral Processing Equipment

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If you’re new to the mineral processing industry, chances are you are considering your equipment purchase options. Ceramic is one material that is often used in the industry’s heavy duty machinery. Learn how this versatile material earned its reputation for durability and strength in outer space, and how it’s used in terrestrial applications.   Ceramics and the Space Shuttle NASA unofficially labeled ceramic a super hero. Ceramic tiles, roughly the size found in your bathroom or kitchen, were plastered on the belly of the Space Shuttle. Read More»

The Benefits Of Upgrading PLC Devices In Your Small Factory

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Modern factories, even small mom and pop enterprises, use programmable logic controller (PLC) devices to manage manufacturing equipment. These controllers enable workers to automate assembly line production, control electrical output and perform countless other essential tasks. If you own a small company with a factory, you must make sure that your PLC units are kept up to date and in good condition. There are several reasons why you should upgrade a dated PLC device if you want to run your factory in an efficient manner. Read More»

Remodeling The Office? 3 Tips For Storing Your Office Equipment

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If you’re planning to have your office remodeled, it’s best to get your office equipment out of the way while the workers are knocking down walls, building, or painting. The machines that you rely on every day are delicate, and could easily be damaged by stray drops of paint, construction dust and debris, or any kind of accidental impact. If you have room in your own building to store your equipment, it’s best to get the equipment out of the office entirely until the work is done. Read More»

Understanding And Protecting Against Arc Flashes

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As you maintain and repair a wide variety of electrical equipment, there are plenty of hidden dangers to look out for. One such danger involves arc flashes, a dangerous phenomenon that can easily prove fatal if you’re not adequately protected against it. Knowing how to protect yourself against arc flashes can mean the difference between life and death. The following offers a general definition of an arc flash, how they can occur and what you can do to avoid serious injury as you work on electrical construction. Read More»

3 Things You Shouldn't Place In Your Dumpster

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If you are planning a huge cleanup project at your business, one of the first steps you take might be to order dumpsters. Dumpsters are ideal for disposing of large amounts of trash all at once; however, you might have unwanted things that you cannot place in the dumpsters you rent. Here are some of the things you cannot put in your dumpster rental, the reasons why, and the ways the items can be used if they are recycled. Read More»

Four Considerations When Choosing A Filtration System For Natural Water Sources

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If your operation draws water from a natural source, such as a pond, stream or well, then you probably appreciate the need for filtration to protect your downstream equipment. Unfiltered water can clog pipes or nozzles, and it can also introduce undesirable, foreign materials into your processes. Choosing a water filtration unit from a company like PFC Equipment, Inc isn’t always easy, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the technology. However, you don’t need to know everything about filters to make the right choice. Read More»