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Acrylic Print Processes

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Digital print and screen print processes are used to transform acrylic sheets into effective advertising materials. Learn how new or recycled acrylic sheets can be used to create signs.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are lightweight and shatterproof. Acrylic materials are commonly labeled as plexiglass or acrylic glass. Acrylic sheets are strong. They are often used in the same manner as glass panes. New or recycled acrylic sheets can be used to prepare advertising products. Sandwich boards, freestanding display signs, and wall signage are products that acrylic can be used for.

Digital Print

A digital print process that will add letters or graphics to acrylic will require the use of a printer that supports acrylic. Digital print is used to prepare professional-looking signage. A digital printer will require acrylic sheets to be fed directly into the printer.

After choosing an image and the location where it will be added, the printer will transfer the image to the acrylic. Digital print will not smear. Acrylic that contains digital print is resistant to scratches and other cosmetic flaws. Acrylic signage that contains digital print can be displayed indoors or outdoors. If acrylic is exposed to UV rays, it won't turn yellow. 

Screen Print

A screen print process can be performed with the use of a printer or by hand. A printer that supports screen printing applications will contain a tray where an acrylic sheet will remain while ink is added to the sheet. Printer equipment will require an end user to specify the thickness, print location, and ink colors for a print project.

Plans should be made to leave the edges of an acrylic sheet blank. This will prevent ink from bleeding off the edges of the sheet.

A manual screen print process will require the use of a clamp. Once a work surface is prepared for a printing process, an acrylic sheet should be clamped onto it. Alcohol should be used to clean the side of the acrylic sheet that the print will be added to.

After using a laser printer to copy a design, the printed image should be secured to the acrylic. A blender pen is then used to impress the artwork onto the acrylic sheet.


Acrylic sheets that contain a print will require the use of installation materials. Holes can be drilled through the corners of an acrylic sheet. Creating holes may be necessary if anchoring hardware will be installed directly onto an acrylic sheet. Frame pieces can also be used to stabilize acrylic signage that will be installed on a storefront or a wall.

Contact an acrylic printing service to learn more.