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Three Types Of Sifting Using Industrial Wire Mesh

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Industrial wire mesh has advanced the way that many substances are broken down and sifted out. The different kinds of mesh have also made it possible to create different sifting devices that operate in a few different ways. The following shows what you can do with the right kinds of wire mesh and different types of sifters.

The Shake-Down Method

​In this machine, several trays are lined with various widths of wire mesh. The entire machine shakes and shakes down the material being sifted. The smaller the grain of material, the more likely it heads to the bottom tray, depending on how the trays are installed. The machine shakes everything down until nothing else can be shaken down further. The wire mesh captures larger grains and larger materials in the upper trays. 

Vibration Method

​When you have to be really careful with the substances you are sifting, you use vibration. The vibration is more gentle than the shaking, and it will not cause particles of the substance to collide harshly. When used in conjunction with much finer wire mesh, you are able to create a very fine dust of substance particles that are not damaged by the gentle vibration.

The Rocking Method

​This is where the substance is loaded onto the mesh screen trays and then the machine tilts the trays up and down. There may be other trays below, or there may be catch buckets to catch whatever it is the industry is attempting to sift for. One such example is sifting for gold dust. The tilting and sifting trays mimics the motion used by gold miners to tilt and sift out larger rocks and particles from the valuable gold dust that sinks to the bottom. The rocking method requires a very fine sifting mesh to accomplish its intended task. 

​Follow Screen Recommendations for Whatever Sifting Machine Your Plant Uses

​All of the above sifting machines use specific widths of wire mesh weave. If you are not sure what size mesh that your machines use, check with the manufacturers. They will know exactly which wire mesh sizes your machines need, which is very helpful if and when you need to repair or replace any of the screens or trays in the machines. Always follow manufacturers' recommendations so that your machines will work consistently and in the ways that you need and expect them to work. If substitutions need to be made, again follow the manufacturers' advice. 

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