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Boost Productivity With A Trailer-Mounted Boiler

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Boilers serve an important purpose in helping industrial and manufacturing companies perform the work they do each day. Access to a boiler is so critical that any problems with an existing boiler can bring production to a halt. To prevent costly production delays while your facility's boiler is being repaired, bring in a trailer-mounted boiler.

These types of boilers can provide a viable alternative to fixed boilers that are malfunctioning or out of commission.

Highway Legal

One of the major advantages that trailer-mounted boilers can offer is their ability to be delivered quickly. Since the boiler itself is permanently mounted on a trailer, the entire unit can be legally driven down the highway using a semi truck.

No special permits are required to transport a trailer-mounted boiler. This reduces the amount of time and money required to have a backup boiler delivered to your manufacturing facility so that you can maintain production levels when your permanent boiler stops working.

Easy Setup

Another attractive feature that makes trailer-mounted boilers a great option for manufacturing plants in need of temporary boiler services is the ease of setup with these mobile boilers. The trailer that the boiler is affixed to can simply be backed into a parking spot near your production facility.

No cranes are required since the boiler will not be lifted off the trailer. You can save time by eliminating the need to install rigging straps in order to get your temporary boiler into position. Eliminating the need for a crane also ensures that delivery and setup costs will remain low.

Linking Ability

Some manufacturing plants may shy away from trailer-mounted boilers because they feel these boiler units are not capable of providing the capacity needed to sustain production operations. While a trailer-mounted boiler does have a limited production capacity, this doesn't mean that you can't rely on trailer-mounted boilers to meet your temporary needs.

Multiple trailer-mounted boilers can be linked together to boost output capacity. This feature allows you to customize the production level of the boilers you rely on to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing facility while your primary boiler is undergoing repair.

Don't let a malfunctioning boiler bring your production line to a halt. Take advantage of the easy delivery, quick and simple setup, and customized production capacity that a trailer-mounted boiler can provide when you need a temporary solution to your manufacturing plant's boiler needs.