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Common Wood Truss Problems You Must Avoid

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Wood trusses are a common way to support a structure over a large span of space. It comes with a frame of axially loaded members. These members are either in tension or compression. These systems are engineered so that they can be efficient structural systems. Each component plays an important role in the long-term strength of the truss. For the wood truss to last a long time, you will need to make sure that it is designed properly.

Broken Trusses

One of the great characteristics of wood trusses is the redundancy. If a truss breaks, there are several trusses that are able to pick up the slack. However, if there are any trusses that have become damaged while they are being transported to the work site, they should be replaced. When a truss that has already been installed has broken, it must be repaired to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

Do not begin the construction of your wood trusses until you know the wind and snow load requirements. Depending on where your building will be located, you might need to design the trusses differently for long-term performance.

Improperly Installed Footings

Make sure that the footings are properly installed. They must be correctly spaced and sized. They must be installed on firm ground. If the ground is not firm, you will need to compact it before you can install the footings.

Not Having a Load Path

Your wood truss must have a sensible load path. When force is applied to a structure, the force will reach the ground eventually. Your structural elements are designed to provide a safe path for the force without damaging the structure or harming the building occupants.

The Wrong Wood Grade

You must make sure to use the right grade when designing wood trusses. Different species of wood will have different advantages and weaknesses. The species of the wood plays a large role in the structural integrity of the wood trusses. Choosing the right wood species is important because the wrong species can lead to your building not being up to code. Also, as building codes are revised, the wood species that are considered strong is also often revised.

Because of the importance of using the right wood building materials, make sure to contact a company that specializes in engineered wood products and will provide you with a selection that is broad enough to meet any building requirements. To learn more, contact a company like Hillside Lumber