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Bought Your Own Personal Use Plane? Don't Forget To Buy Accessories

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With any big purchase in life, there is always the extra purchases you have to make. You buy a horse, then you need to buy a saddle, a bridle, riding lessons, etc. If you buy a car, then you must also buy insurance. There is always something extra that you need before you can enjoy a large purchase. In the case of buying your own personal-use plane, there are plenty of extras you need to buy before you can fly the plane.

Aviation Safety Equipment

Humans, by design, were never meant to fly. They do not have feathers, wings, or hollow bones. Still, with persistence, they have triumphed over such shortcomings to develop machines that fly for them. Along with these facts comes the responsibility to preserve life, which requires safety equipment.

Be sure to buy:

  • Wheel blocks, so that your plane does not roll out of the hangar or roll around inside or outside
  • Aircraft fire extinguishers for both inside and outside of the plane (Fires inside the plane will use up your valuable breathable oxygen and possibly decompress your cabin. Outside of the plane, a fire in one of the engines needs to be extinguished rapidly, or you and the plane become a a hurtling fireball.)
  • Oxygen tanks, so that your cabin is full of breathable air on flights and/or you have an oxygen supply if the plane is going to go down
  • Life jackets, in case the plane is going down over water
  • Inflatable escape boats
  • An inflatable escape slide, if applicable to the size of your plane
  • Parachutes (if you know how to use them and wear them)

As you can see, it is easy to wrack up more expenditures after you have already bought the plane. However, without all of these safety accessories, you would be tempting fate. Make sure you have everything you need to keep your plane still on the ground, safe in the air, and safe enough for you while the plane is either flying or in crisis mode.

Survival Kits

Survival kits on planes are more than just bandages and a bottle of water. They often include food rations for a few days, different means of communication so that you can signal for help (a small CB radio might help), instruments to purify water, a knife or gun and bullets, etc.. Check with aviation safety equipment supply companies for more info on the various kits available.