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Air Filtration For Clean Room Environments And Dust Free Areas

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The air you breathe every day is far from clean, but to some extent, your lungs are equipped to filter out a lot of the particles in the air, so you don't always notice the amount of dust or other particulates in the air around us. If you are working with a product that requires a dust-free area, the best way to achieve this is through heavy air filtration.

Clean Environments

Not every clean environment needs to be classified as a clean room, but in some cases, there are sensitive things that require clean air around them—a freshly painted car or truck, for instance. It is painted in a paint booth that has large filter system that filters the incoming air and the outgoing air. The reason is to keep the painter safe, and the positive-pressure air flow through the booth traps dust and dirt before it enters and gets into the wet paint. This can apply to many different paint processes in many industries.

Clean Rooms

There are cases where the air filtration has to be so good that the air is particle and dust free. In the electronics industry, for example, many of the assembly areas for electronic chipsets and other components are kept so clean that you must enter through an airlock, and you have to wear clothing that covers your everyday clothing. These rooms use extremely sensitive air filtration systems that remove the smallest particles of dust from the air, as well as drying the incoming air. While you may not need this level of filtration, it can be achieved with filters and a well-thought-out air handling system.

Health and Welfare

Medical reasons can also be a cause for a larger-than-normal air filtration system in your home. There are people with allergies so severe that filtering the air in their home is necessary just to keep it clean enough for them to breathe comfortably. In cases like this, air filtration is normally set up through the air conditioning system in the home. The home must be sealed pretty tightly, but if the air system runs all the time to create a positive-pressure environment, the results are usually pretty good.

Professional Installation

In all these cases, setting up an air filtration system to do the job is something that might be best left to professionals, especially where you are looking for a higher-than-usual filtration level. Talk to several local companies and see what have to offer, and if they can't help you, they can direct you to someone who has the tech and equipment knowledge to achieve the desired level of scrubbing that is required.

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