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Window Shopping: Commercial Heating Options For Strip Mall Businesses

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Strip malls are still a popular way for people to shop all over the United States. Customers can pull right up to your store and the storefront you use for your business is like a never-ending advertisement to anyone driving by the building. While strip malls are easy to walk to and travel around during the nicer months of the year, they can be a little more challenging during the winter months. It's important to make the shopping process as comfortable as possible for customers and this is why there are plenty of heating options to consider during the winter months. By working with a commercial heating company, you have the ability to set up different heating elements and ensure your customers aren't left out in the cold.

Entrance Heating Vent

With customers coming in and out of the store throughout the day, it can easily let in cold air, making the front part of the store cold, uncomfortable, and breezy. Proper commercial elements can be installed to prevent this from happening.  A heating vent can be installed directly over the inside of your store. This will provide a direct wall of heat to help stop cold air from coming in and provide customers with an instant relief from bitter weather. Along with the heating element, another vent can be used to pull cold air out from your store. This type of exhaust fan will make it a lot easier to manage proper temperatures in the front of the store. An automated system can be used to help with the heat flow and ensuring a proper balance throughout the day. If your business has dual door entries, then the vents can exhaust can be evenly placed to help heat the whole opening area.

Double-Zoned Store Heating

If you're trying to overcompensate for cold air in the front of your air, it's also important to consider the air flow in the back of a store. If the heat is cranked up in the front, you do not want the same heat amount to make the back part of a store too hot and uncomfortable for guests. One way to help with this is by hiring a commercial heating company for the set up of double-zoned store heating. By zoning the heating, you can set a lower temperature for the back of the store which doesn't need as dramatic of heating. Proper balance of heating can be used to ensure customers are as comfortable as possible. If your store is really large, then the heating zones may even be tripled to give you complete control. Once the heating elements are set up, a commercial heating company can help set automatic settings and timers to ensure a proper heating balance is achieved.

Outdoor Spot Heating

Many stores in a strip mall may offer products and shopping opportunities right outside the store. This is a great way to feature sale items, showcase clearance, and entice customers to come shopping. Even in the cold months, these areas can help increase business and give customers more shopping options. To help make the shopping as comfortable as possible, a commercial heating company can install outdoor spot heating. This type of heating typically consists of hanging elements which disperse heat directly below. The heating is typically powered through electric heating options so it can be wired directly to your business. A wireless control system can also be installed so the heating element can be controlled within the comfort of your business. You will not have to constantly go out and check the settings. Depending on the size of your storefront, you may have one or more of these elements installed.

A commercial heating company, such as Mercury Tec, can provide you with more information on the installation of these products.